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Our Xamarin book

Xamarin Consulting

We provide world-class Xamarin guidance, training, and development for your cross-platform mobile projects.

Xamarin Consultation

We answer your Xamarin questions and help you and your teams solve problems as-needed.

Xamarin Development

We build award-winning Xamarin apps based on our clients' vision and requirements for Android, iOS, and cross-platform. We supply development and design staff who can work independently or as part of your existing team. Whether you have a detailed spec or an idea on a napkin, we work with you to flesh out the concept, prototype the design, and build and test the final product, all the way to the release to the app store or direct to your users.

Xamarin Training

We offer comprehensive hands-on workshops to teach developers mobile web development using Xamarin, tailored to your particular areas of need. Workshop are offered in a two-day, one-day, or half-day format. Learn best-practice techniques, architectures, and cross-platform coding strategies for the creation of visually stunning and highly interactive native mobile apps using .NET.

Xamarin Coaching

We offer coaching and guidance over the course of your project: Xamarin technical and business consulting to help get the team up to speed and address key architecture and design issues as the project proceeds. We can assist with data layer, UI design and layout, optimizing user experience, and structuring your solutions for maximum code-reuse and cross-platform functionality. This offering ranges from a few hours of initial guidance to regular check-ins corresponding with project milestones.

Xamarin Architecture and Code Review

We survey your existing mobile apps for coding practices, architecture, and Xamarin technique. This is about the code. How well is it organized? What is the quality of coding practices? What is its architecture? How is data handled? Are Xamarin best practices being used? We report on the state of the Xamarin code base and recommend directions and strategies for improving the team's skills and sensibilities as they move into their next round of coding.

Xamarin Test Cloud Implementation

Xamarin Test Cloud is an amazing toolset which allows testing of mobile apps on hundreds of physical devices to create a positive user experience. It helps repair apps which do not work well or simply crash on certain devices, isolating and identifying problems as they arise. When it's set up and configured, Xamarin Test Cloud is like having a full-time mobile QA team which turns around results as soon as a sprint is completed. We work with the team to develop tests and a strategy for optimizing your use of this tool to make your apps the best that they can be.

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